Monday, October 30, 2017

Announcing a New Title and Platform for My Bog

From June 2015 through September 2017 I was able to use my membership in the Blogger Co-Op at the Chronicle of Social Change to provide a professional format and increased readership for my Fostering Reform blog. With the closure of the blogger co-op, I soon realized that Google's "blogspot" blogging platform had some flaws as the sole platform for my blog and that I needed to move my blog to a more modern platform, eventually settling on  It was also a good time to change the name of the blog from Fostering Reform, which connotes an exclusive focus on foster care, to a title with a broader connotation--Child Welfare Watch.

Starting immediately, my renamed blog will move to its new location, where you can find my newest post, No place for the children: A therapeutic group home closes while foster children sleep in hotels and offices. Simultaneously, I am changing the name of my Facebook page to Child Welfare Watch and my Twitter username to childwelfarewatch. I hope that all of my wonderful readers will continue to read and share my postings so that we can build a movement to put the child back in child welfare. I know my readership will continue to grow and I hope that eventually Child Welfare Watch will be bigger than just Marie Cohen but instead will be an organization with members and staff. Together  we can change the conversation around child welfare to reflect reality, rather than feel-good, money-saving theories about what works for abused and neglected kids.


  1. I think you've made a right choice! Sometimes it makes most sense to start out on one platform and transition to another somewhere down the line. Moreover, there are so many amazing blogging platforms to suit your needs! Just get redirected here: You've got quite a wide choice :)